Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Broken Cups

Hello all,

I just recently got back on Facebook from a 15 day Ban. Now I don't know Why, never did find out Why , they banned me. I never Swore, posted porn, or Threatened anyone..

Well, it kinda "broke my Spirit and hurt my Feelings a lot." ( Which is my issue. I guess Face Book has it's own reasons. )

That got me thinking as I looked at a couple of Broken Cups I have. Beautiful antique Cups. Lots of Stories and Memories attached. Both from Sets owned by my Mom and Dad.

Those cups were broken , and damaged, but still beautiful. You have to look ast the imperfectness. Well, I am like that cup. Fragile, Older than Dirt ( well, not really, I am 54, feel 18 some days, 90 on others)

Like those broken cups, I Patched myself and my hurt feelings back together. I won't be the same. I am scared to post anything now.. I mean what did I do Wrong??? But, I decided, it learn from the experience, try to see the good that came from it.

I got more sewing projects done, I painted a floor, I read other things more. I reflected on what I might have done differently.

I Love my Broken cups, and I embrace them, and I Love myself, imperfections and all. and God loves me imperfections and all, and my husband and my kids and Fur kids love me imperfections and all.

Someday the cups will break and return to the dust from which they came, so will our bodies.. but what we pass on, the lasting beauty and memories will linger on in the thoughts, and hearts of those lives we have touched. and you don't need face book to touch a life and make a difference for the good. That is the Lesson I learned this week. So For all concerned.. I am not mad a Face book. It was a Blessing in Disguise.

But... I am B-a-c-k !

Mary Ann

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beginnings: Sharing time with old and new Friends

Good morning ( Or evening where ever you are located on the planet). I am starting a Blog... I am Starting a BLOG !!!! This is another new project for me. I Have read so many Wonderful ones out there in Blog land, and thought " Hey, I think I might like to do this".

But , now the question where to start? The Beginning of course. I am a Wife, Mother, Nurse, former Belly Dancer / teacher, and sometimes commercial actress. When my daughter  Brandy and her hubby David moved back from Illinois we thought it might be fun to start a little business venture. That is how Vintage Whispers was created.

When Brandy and her sister, Samantha were just little Tykes in Strollers and most generally dressed up in a Princess or fairy outfit, we would go "antiquing". The local Antique stores in Canton, Illinois came to know us.. and one shop owner in particular would let the girls play with old toys and she would play with them while I shopped. I Loved those times spent with my girls. A recent Antiquing Trip to Bay City Michigan revealed just how much those memories were ingrained into Brandy's memories. While I would gravitate to Furniture, linens and lace and pretty Dishes, she would get excited at the Old Barbies, old toys, and ( Gasp!) Records , and old Telephones !

So I hope through this blog to share some  vintage memories, and make a few new memories while making new friends. I am going to give this a shot with the help of my wonderful Husband Paul ( the local Computer Expert ) and Brandy.

Thanks for checking in and Hope to get to know you all