Saturday, October 1, 2011



We are so excited about hitting 1,000 likes. To celebrate, we are doing a '1,000 likes give away!' Wanting to enter?? Here's what you do.

Below will be a picture of a jar of beans.

To enter, go to the announcement post of this give away on our Vintage Whispers Wall on Facebook. The post will begin as "ANNOUNCEMENT POST"

Secondly, post your guess! You can only post your guess only ONCE. Place it as a comment under the Announcement Post.

Lastly, tag Vintage Whispers in a post on your wall!

Sounds easy right? Now what is the prize you ask? The winner will receive the very first pillow of our NEW "Dream Pillow" line! Scented with lavender, this heart shaped pillow will help you drift off into the land of dreams. There is even a pouch on the front for you to put a piece of paper and record your dreams when you wake! How fun is that?!

Remember you can only guess once. If someone guesses the winning number after a previous person guessed it already, the first person who guessed it will win. If no one guesses the right number, the person CLOSEST will win. Should two people be off by one number, low or high, the low guess would be the winner.

(Example: The winning number is 8. Someone guessed 7 and another guessed 9. The person who guessed 7 will win.)

The winner will be announced Sunday Night, October 2 2011, by 10PM EST if we hit our 1,000th like. If we haven't hit it yet, the winner will be announced when we hit 1,000.

The winner will be declared via Facebook Wall post! The winner will have 48 hours to send us an email to to claim their prize. If the winner doesn't contact us within that time frame, the runner up will be announced.

Everyone is welcome to partake in this give away no matter where you live! We are only 10 away so get those guesses posted!!

GOOD LUCK and thank you so much for the support!

Brandy and Mary Ann
Vintage Whispers

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