Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Birthday thoughts

Hello everyone,
It is 12:15am on October 31,2011.

Twenty six years ago I became a Mother the second time to my Beautiful daughter Samantha. I remember being in the hospital for a scheduled C-section. However I started contractions about 3:00am, so she was going to be born that day scheduled or not.

I am not sure where the time has went. Each year when my Daughters have a Birthday I ask myself the same question. the Sleepless nights turned into Preschool days, then Grade School, Middle School and High School days. Birthday parties, Sleep overs,Dates and Dances, Throw in a Wedding and College, new Jobs and moving experiences...well it all continues to travel very fast.

I am learning to stop and smell the roses.

Take it One day at a Time.

to Learn from the Past, Don't worry about the Future ( the Future never does "get here" ) and to keep trying to do the Next right thing.

Why did I Push myself at "Breakneck Speed" for years? for what? Sometimes I was so busy, I did not stop to "play a game", "watch a movie", once I missed a Concert ( I had to teach a Dance class) but at what price? There are many times I did do those things, but sometimes I didn't stop to do the little things. Now I wish that I had.

I am so very Greatful to have two Amazing Daughters. I could not be a richer or more blessed Woman. On the Eve of the Youngest daughter's is nice to remember that

Thank you for letting me share , and if you have children or children in your life.Take time for them. You won't regret it.

Mary Ann

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