Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Musings

Remember you are a Mirror to the World. "When the World  looks at you what does it see?"

"Do you reflect Love? Do you reflect Joy? Does your Light Shine?"
And I ask myself , " Does mine?"

When you think about someone, " Is it Kind?"

When you want to say something, " Is it Necessary?, Is it True?"
And I ask myself, " Do I always ask myself that?"

Everything has purpose, it's reason for being. That is why it was created that way. Will we ever really understand Why? Probably not in this Lifetime. But everything deserves Love and respect.
And I ask myself, " Do I always remember that?"

I know that I do not always remember these things. I forget that I do not Control anything, not really, even though I wish most of the time that I did. I know that i am not always Kind or understanding, even though I can justify my "reasons" to myself.

Words can cut deeper than any knife, and stir emotions like a Storm when chosen unwisely. Words can help heal wounds, and they can express Love when chosen Wisely..

These are the things I am thinking upon this day.. I am just Musing.. just sharing.

I hope your Day is much Blessed, and Filled with Positive thoughts and action and Love. ( and I hope mine is too)

Mary Ann

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