Sunday, September 25, 2011

Adapting to Change

Another Day....

And a Beautiful one at that...

Changing Seasons... Adapting to Change. Boy we don't like to do that. At least I don't like it. Most people I come in contact with don't like it. Change.. Bleh... But I watch the Squirrels and Rabbits in my yard. The Squirrels especially are gathering things to bury to sustain them through the Winter My Fur kids too, don't really like their Schedule changed..but they do seem to adapt more quickly than I do to Change. They "go with the flow" as long as Mommy and Daddy are with them and loving them.

Life on Life's Terms...Oye ! Life is not easy at times. Every time I " think I have everything figured out"..guess what? I don't. I have decided most people I know feel that way.

So, I take a deep breath, I pray..Some days I do better than other days, but If I just accept the fact that Change is part of Life, change is gonna come no matter what. There is no Future..(for sure)..the Past is the Past.(you can't repeat it) all you have it Right Now.. and this Right now is not like any other "Right now".. Ever.. or ever will be again.. That is just " how it is".

Change is not a bad thing.. it "is just Different". sometimes these Changes are easier to accept than others, some just plain "stink" other Changes are "fantastic".. but Change is gonna be a Constant Companion. So I might as well get used to Traveling this path of life with " Change". It will make the Journey alot easier.

Don't ask me where this thought pattern is going. "It is what it is". This is my Meditation for the Day. My meditations will be different tomorrow.. they will be Changed from today.

As I get older, I don't like the Changes so much. I want to know what is familiar, I want to look like I used to look, do what I used to do... but well.. Good Ole' Life on Life's terms again..not gonna happen. So, I am learning to Adapt. To Change as I go. I am not the same person as I was before. Oh sure, I am still Mary Ann, but I am an older , and Wiser, and I hope Kinder and Gentler Mary Ann, changing and becoming hopefully a better person each day.

Thank you for sharing my thoughts, ( In case you actually read this far) For now I will leave you with a Quote from Ghandi

"Be the Change you want to see in the World"

Mary Ann

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