Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cinderella Days

Good Morning Everyone,
I have heard that Blogging becomes addictive, we shall see Hummm?

These Crisp Days of Early Fall, the Leaves taking on a little weathered Color, and the Smells of Fall Always make me a Bit Remenicient of years gone by.

I Have a Lone Pumpkin Plant in my Yard. I did not plant it purposefully. Last year I put the Halloween Pumpkins out near the fence for the Squirrels to eat. One little seed survived and now has created a beautiful Pumpkin plant. which I am leaving to grow for as long as it can.

That Pumpkin Plant got me thinking of Cinderella. ( I will be teaching a creative Writing and exploring what the Fairy tales mean to you at GMS Art Studio this Fall). That got me remembering the Dances the Girls had gone to, homecomings, Proms.. all the Wonderful Fun times of Mommy / Daughter time running around searching for the perfect dress, Shoes, accessories. The Hair Appointments, or one year when I did Brandy's air myself ( Praying that it would tun out ok ) and Nail appointments ( Or getting the Right color polish to do at home. All those exciting Fairy Tale Moments. I would even remember my own exciting dance times, ( sometimes the prepping was more fun than the date ...Oops did I say that ?)

Then after everyone was prepped, and pictures taken and handsome Dates awaiting them, off the girls would go for an Enchanting Evening. One Enchanted Evening to dress up like a Fairy Princess. I am greatful That I had those times with my girls. Even the one year, which Samantha's boyfriend broke up with her a week before Prom. Poor Cinderella just would not go that year, stayed home and cried. However all fairy tales have happy endings. The next year when she was at Central Michigan University a High School friend asked her to be his Date. That year was the Best Date and Dance ever for her, He actually knew how to Dance ! She was the Beautiful "older College Girl", looking Beautiful and Sophisticated, he in his Tux, Printed T-shirt underneath and Dance Boots... they looked so Adorable. They Danced all night and the Fairy tale had a Happy ending.

So those of you who have daughters, enjoy those times, make the memories. Even if some "Cinderella Moments" start out not going to the "Ball", there is something out there even better, even more magical.

So I leave you with some lovely thoughts and pictures, as I sit and Contemplate something else that Fall Time brings to me.

Many Blessings,

Mary Ann


  1. I'm looking forward to these times with my daughter with a mixture of joy and sadness...thanks for this lovely post!

  2. I have SO enjoyed my girls and continue to do so each stage of our lives. I loved Helping Brandy with her Wedding too. All children are so special ! We who have children in our lives, as Mom,s Dad's, Uncles , Aunts etc make such a differance, and they give us so much in return as well. Thank you for your comment ~MA

  3. Enjoyed your post, MaryAnn! I have one daughter who was very shy growing up, and thought boys were "ridiculous" (maybe that came from having an older brother), but I LOVED helping her plan her wedding. She truly looked like the princess she is on that day!
    Thanks for sharing your memories. :)

  4. Thanks Martha! Maybe someday you can post your Princess's picture :-)

  5. being a photographer we see many of these moments. When we photograph a wedding I always love the look on the mom and dads face.

    I started following you

  6. Thanks Jill ! Believe me I am not a Great photographer, but i Love taking pictures :-) I hope to see your work !

  7. Lovely pictures, MaryAnn! Thank you for the lovely trip down memory lane... I remember all the fun I had getting ready for dances... feeling like a princess. I'm very much looking forward to the day my little girls get to do that too :)

  8. Thank you Souls Fire Designs. Yes, I loved every bit of it ! I think there is a part of us that always will be a Princess... even if we are older. I at least hope I never part with my Inner Child. The day will come Too fast when little girls grow up. Treasure every moment (((HUGS)))

  9. OOPS ! and it was JIM , not JILL... dang Bi focals !!!!!