Saturday, September 17, 2011

Changing Seasons

A Good Day ( or Evening if that is when you are reading this post ) to you all.What a Lovely Fall Day ! There is a Crisp feel to the air. a gentle breeze, the slight smell of Woodsmoke when I step outside.The flowers of Summer are starting to fade, and Mother Nature is putting on her seasons colors Red, Brown, Gold.

I have always liked Fall. As a young girl my best Dates were in the Fall ( for some odd reason ). I got engaged in the Fall. One of my children was born in the Fall, School starts in the Fall,and Football starts in the Fall.It is a beautiful time to do some hiking as well.

This is the time of year, that I start to look back at what has been and I begin reevaluating what I need to do with my life. I am 54 years old. I am in the Fall of my life. Youth , and Young Adult are passed.

Children are raised and out of the house with lives of their own. I am starting a new Career as well. Life in the Nursing profession for 20 years taught me many lessons, and gave me many opportunities to help people. However in taking care of others, I neglected to take care of myself. Deciding to switch careers was a huge stepping stone for me.

I have always been a "people person". However I do enjoy my solitude.

Solitude is different than being lonely. I have been lonely many times in my life and that is not fun. However solitude is a different thing. It is spending time with yourself and enjoying the " me , myself and I". There was a time I could not do that, I absolutely Had to have someone around at all times. However even then, with people all around, I was lonely. I think most of not all of us have experienced that at some time in our life.

I have heard it said, that Fall is the start of a lonely time, and this stage of life the beginning of a lonely time. I can understand that. Lifestyles change, children leave home, sometimes a spouse leaves or dies changing the two to a one, parents are getting older, we become the caregivers.I think many of us start to ask, what is there for me to do with my life, and have I really made a difference? and how can I make a positive impact with the second half of my life.

However as I look out on this most beautiful of Fall days, I see there is new life, hope and beauty in all the stages of Life. Change has to occur, life has to evolve. That is the way life is. "Life on Life's terms"..that is what it is, how we choose to live that life is our choice.

I am Happily looking forward to the Autumn of my Life. I am embracing the changes, grateful for new opportunities, new friends, and new ideas.

Thank you for letting me share my musings with you all. I do hope you are embracing life , whatever stage you are experiencing at this time.

~Mary Ann

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